by Zitchaloney

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released June 29, 2012



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Zitchaloney Austin, Texas

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Track Name: God Remakes the same Mistake
God doesn't make Mistakes
Pain can be very Beautiful
and Everything is going to Change
so You better start getting Spiritual

But you can't lose
Cause you could never confuse
one God for another God
cause it's all the same
fucking God Damn God

Here comes another Wave
My Life is so Huge
you're Writing Down what they Say
this is the Battle we've Come to

But you can't lose
Cause you could never confuse
one Message for another Message
cause it's all the same
fucking Bottle

There are lots of Reasons Why
I Look into your Crazy Eyes
Track Name: Cloned Abort
I will make you close to the source
I have faked you its cloned abort

take what I need
fill in the holes
it's faster than speed
but slower than cold

forty hundred met the orphan

I'm way down
with the holy clowns
the joke spun round
till the jerks are in town
Track Name: So weird
it's all right now
it's so weird

it's all right here
it's so weird

it's alright now
it's so clear
Track Name: One less mistake
Come on it's a free ride
Taking off at the right time
Shaking hands when the system ends
So you can be a man again

Getting ready for the torching sky
That pours down some genocide
You'll see who you really are
As we approach the final hour

Oh dear we would
of passed right by our evidence
If we could of
fallen down and bit the dust

it's just one less mistake to make

I hear it's a good sign
when our fears and thoughts align
Stay clear of the walking dead
Their brains are there, but their soul is absent

What can you tell yourself?
The ego bears a broken shell
Have you seen a liar's mind?
Shattered knots are all you find

Oh dear we would
of passed right through our arrogance
But we held on
to wind we that knew would blow us up

That's life with just one less mistake