by Zitchaloney

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released January 19, 2012



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Zitchaloney Austin, Texas

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Track Name: One of Us
Leave your life, keep the soul
It all comes in when you let go

Miles ahead, miles behind
One of us holds the sign

Further inside, reading the scene
Got to decide what it means

Lost before, lost again
Found myself with my friends

Going outside, walking away
Need to stay true to what I say

Leave your life, keep the soul
It all comes in when you let go
Track Name: Open Answer Revised
You could open your mind and let it in
I know that it's a lot for your head
You can really see with this therapy
It opens up your eyes to reality

All the life inside you dies as you get older
So I hope you're living bold

C'mon open your heart and feel it hit
You are only here for a little bit
The soul that you've denied still wants out
Let the answer dissolve till your ego drowns

You might start to dream like a new born baby would
And that's where the journey begins
Track Name: Come back to the Arapaho
Once laid-off but never lost home
Like we killed the Arapaho
Who we got their lumber load

They think twice bout the alphabet
When they draft those settlements
Who we come right back to know

I'm recovering
I can't run anymore
The sun went off
a long long time ago

It's alright though, It's all we've got, the sun fades old

Found myself in a permanent fire
My lady came through in a future file
Do we see the game at all?

One man left with his last cigarette
Comes right back to his own little nest
Movies flood his broken home

He's finally conscious
He wraps up what he knows
Puts it away
Comes back to the day he loathes

It's alright though, It's all he's got, the sun fades old

Sit so still that you don't want to leave
It's only nine past 17
Take it slow, the next five come and go

I once knew him but he never knew me
Some let on that it's not meant to be
Anyway I hate to see it fold

I wake up somedays
I can't face the road
He comes back here
It knows my fears when I'm gone

It's alright though, It's all I've got, the sun fades old

Some weird day when you know that it's time
I'll come back and film your mind
The movie will cut right through your soul
And we'll see the Arapaho
Track Name: The Final Walk
In time of need
Fallen on my holes
Staying on your course
Foreign to this naked world

It's only idle
Fault lays on the scam
Her eyes' own fault
Someone is trying too

Waiting room
By way you lead
Forced through his head
Ready for the final walk
Track Name: Come to the Lake
I saw all my face
taking on the farm
can't go wrong with life
think along with me

Tossed the scene
for the sake
of Daniel's mistake

Here's a picture from
the time we know
it looks like I am
discolored and old

Those good days
have finally saved
me from myself

Are you afraid
of the fake mask?
Not anymore
no, not anymore

Some might say
you should come to the lake
I wish that I'd come sooner