by Zitchaloney

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released October 19, 2011



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Zitchaloney Austin, Texas

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Track Name: God is only everything Physical
pay off a monumental kind of loan
not one with money, but in a way they'll know
you've tried to tell them, yes you've tried to show
these types of changes might not ever hold

strange how the world runs on a spiral shape
DNA fires off the change to make
preprogramed some as if to keep you safe
still your mind wanders on all that is fake

this type of kingdom is exactly who you are
physical waves are your unclaimed god
all that you've made will soon be lost
your time will come and you'll finally be gone
Track Name: Meeting Mind to Mind
so you spoke with Will
on the information
nothing in this case
that'll change your system

though you're smoking still
you could of faked it
till the life signs melt
and you've erased them

dreaming long and hard
on the invitations
decline those rights
and delay your sensations

meeting mind to mind
leaves it mostly empty
then the thoughts conveyed
follows on the entry
Track Name: Force to Come
Why don't you expect change?
You only joke or say it's dumb,
but there's a force that's bound to come.
So much bigger than you.
It's a shame that you can't be undone.
I hope that you break through.

I can feel the decay,
but that's not why I'm moving on.
I respect what I now have become.
The wave is coming soon.
I've got to be free so I can come.
I hope that I break through.
Track Name: Seeing the Poison
Time will confront in total with pain
You've got to do what the rules of Your Game say
I don't know what I could do with your health
I need to keep mine in check with these pills
Higher and higher, you're just playing with shadows
More and more, it just seems so hollow

Partly confused, but completely immersed
in a system that soothes you into your own curse
I know what they could do with your health
They could take it and sell it before the last kill
Higher and higher, they're just playing with poisons
More and more, we're just seeing the damage

Last time I saw it was over my head
He was doing some things that I'd never understand
I don't know what has become of my health
They say that it's bad, but I am feeling so well
Higher and higher, I'm just seeing my shadow
More and more, I'm just feeling so hollowed
Track Name: Killer
one split second, never remembered
always hanging on
for those counting on all the things
we forgot to pass along

the time will come again
yeah, the time will come again
the time is gone again
yeah, the time is lost again

the TV flashes just the right way
keeps my mind enthralled

cause it's scientifically evolved
yeah, we're scientifically evolved
I'm scientifically involved
we're scientifically controlled

two split seconds captured on a camera
now I'm hanging on
I can watch what I don't remember
there's enough to film it all
there's enough to fit it all

cause I'm scientifically involved
but I'm staring at a screen again
cause I'm scientifically involved
I'm staring at a screen again
and I've lost the time again
but I'm scientifically evolved
or I'm scientifically controlled